Gua-Le-Ni goes universal!

May 30th, 2013

One of the most bi-zar-re action-puzzle video games on the iPad is now available for iPhone!

Padova (IT) / Breda (NL), May the 29th 2013. Do you still remember our quirky iPad action-puzzle video game Gua-Le-Ni; or, The Horrendous Parade?

Well, after a year and a half and six updates from its original release, your favorite cube-spinning, monster-generating, nerve-wrecking video game is now a universal application and you can play it on your iPhones too! Our new update not only makes the old iPad version snappier, but it turns Gua-Le-Ni into an universal iOS application!

For the new addition, the iPhone version, we reworked the proportions of several game elements, simplified the controls and made it a little slower! This way you will to be able to blow away impossible paper beasts even when commuting, when going to the toilet or even when your boring friends are having THAT conversation again!

What conversation, you might wonder?! It doesn’t matter, what matters is that our game is out for iPhone. Go give it a spin!






Gua-Le-Ni; or, the Horrendous Parade got even more beastly!

June 1st, 2012
A new game mode and a new cube; smoother gameplay; more Mozart, snouts and legs!

A new, original game mode (or book section, if you prefer) completes Gua-Le-Ni. Now featuring even human body parts, this new part is titled ‘Poetry’ and it offers a different use for the game’s original gameplay. Instead of challenging the players to optimize their performance and dexterity under the pressure of an ever accelerating parade of beasts, the ‘Poetry mode’ focuses on memory, creativity and relaxation. Gameplay will be accompanied by classical music and the verses of an old sonnet. With more beastly parts, a narrative structure and a series of new, delightful pencil backgrounds, the ‘Poetry’ mode makes playful taxonomy accessible to and engaging for anyone.

This new update of our iPad game (available from today on the Appstore) also features better tutorials, smoother and clearer gameplay, two new achievements, additional content in terms of graphics, animation and sound effects. In the past months, our game was already enthusiastically received by critics and reviewers (Gua-Le-Ni has a current Metacritic score of 83%). With the refinements, the improvements and the extensions we have enhanced the game with, it is our hope that our beasts will reach and entertain an even wider audience with an original and rewarding experience.

Taxonomy has never been so much fun!

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Gua-Le-Ni @ Casual Connect Asia 2012

May 2nd, 2012

In a little less than three weeks, we are going to present the results of our biometric work in front of the Casual Games community at Casual Connect Asia 2012 in Singapore

Our contribution will consist of a 30 minutes lecture titled “A TALE OF LIE DETECTORS AND PAPER BEASTS” (May the 23rd, 15.00)

Let us know if you’re in town, we could go to the zoo together. :D

A Year of Indies: The Very Best of Under The Radar (@SlideToPlay)

April 27th, 2012

Woot! Slide to play dot com put Gua-Le-Ni among the very best of the year that passed under the radar!

“For over a year now, we’ve been bringing you weekly dispatches from an often unexplored side of the App Store– independent games that don’t have the budget or brands to stand out from the crowd. But these games are still worth your attention, and they’re a lot better than a lot of App Store shovelware. Here are 20 top picks from over 200 indie games we’ve featured in the last year of Under The Radar articles, along with links to our full reviews.”

A Game About Colors is now live on the Appstore (iPhone and iPad)

March 29th, 2012
A Game About Colors is a free iOS puzzle game! Combine similar colors to make the highest score possibile!

A Game About Colors is a puzzle game, a fun concept experiment developed and available for free. The core mechanics of the game are pretty simple: You make a collection by selecting colored blocks on the grid and then tap the collect button, the more the selected colors have chromatic affinities, the more points you get!


Gua-Le-Ni Best Dice Game 2011

January 28th, 2012

“Gua-Le-Ni has been voted as the best dice game of 2011 in the Best App Ever awards.”

Gua-Le-Ni, 87/100 on

January 19th, 2012

“Gua-Le-Ni is a brand new take on the puzzle genre.” (Translated from Dutch)

Gua-Le-Ni, 3/4 on SlideToPlay

January 17th, 2012
“Completely original and wacky concept; excellent voice acting […] Gua-Le-Ni’s isn’t like any game you’ve played before.”

Don’t feed the… whatevers.

A new baby Ca-Mel is born: ‘Gua-Le-Ni’, for the iPad, is now available on the AppStore!

November 28th, 2011
The gestation period of a camel lasts roughly fourteen months. The time between the conception and the release of our pioneering action-puzzle videogame lasted exactly as much. It took us more than a year to conceptualize, prototype, design, program, balance and polish Gua-Le-Ni: or, the Horrendous Parade for its iPad debut. The end of our labor (ha-ha) has finally come and we are very proud to announce to you our AppStore release!

Gua-Le-Ni: or, the Horrendous Parade is the first commercially-released casual video game whose development and tuning were guided by the analysis of its players’ psychophysiological responses.
Taxonomy has never been so much fun!

Gua-Le-Ni, 90/100 on

November 24th, 2011

“Thanxs to its biometric technology, Gua-Le-Ni Or: The Horrendous Parade is a compelling puzzle game, capable of adapting to your mood, whatever it is. What else to ask for?”